Sleep Tips for tired Parents

I spend most of my time giving sleep tips for children aged under 6, but I frequently have parents asking for suggestions of how they can improve their sleep too. Here are my sleep tips which are suitable for all adults to follow. However, these are particularly relevant to parents of poor sleepers, who find their own sleep limited and fragmented by their child’s sleep challenges.

Autumn clock change

Manage the Autumn Clock Change

The UK will be moving our clocks back by an hour next Sunday (27th October) to mark the end of British Summertime (Daylight Saving Time). Where perviously you might have looked forward to an extra hour in bed, there is no such luxury for parents of tricky sleepers! I always receive lots of emails and messages…

Bedtime story with mum and child

Books at Bedtime

One of my favourite things to do is to share books with my children at bedtime. Real physical, page turning books. With exciting characters and beautiful illustrations. I find it’s a lovely calming and bonding time of the day when everyone relaxes, snuggles up and enjoys being in each other’s company. I love to see…